welcome to solpitties!

about solpitties

SOLPitties project is a collection of 350 unique purebred 3D Pitbulls that will be minted on the Solana network. Each pitty will be created with a selection of over 200 unique attributes.

We have an generous plan to reinvest in our project to build values for our owners, give back to charity and reward DAO owner group with royalties.

This project is a dedicated male launch, we look forward to further building our community with a female launch in the near future which will deliver further rewards with a breeding program available to our owner community.

We believe in the future of cryptocurrency and NFTs as a way of the future, we look forward to building our brand and community, and have plans to continue to create more NFTs, integrate into the metaverse and take care of our community.

road map

Our vision and way forward with SOLPITTIES

Stage 1

  • Finish our website and provide a sneak peak of our unique pitties up for adoption
  • Host our website with a top rated service to ensure a smooth effective launch during MINT.
  • Stage 2

  • Launch our discord and twitter platforms
  • Promote and market the new communities to excite and attract new Pittie owners
  • Start our whitelist and giveaways promotions
  • Stage 3

  • Secure top rated marketplaces before launch for owner adoptions
  • Listing on Solana upcoming drops sections of top rated calendar solpitties
  • Prepare for launch and load the mint machine
  • Stage 4

  • Minting goes live! Adopt your SolPitty before they all find a fur ever home
  • Minting link will be provided on mint day
  • Stage 5

  • If your pitty's personality was not a match or you want to add more to your family, visit one of the approved marketplaces
  • 5% of all minting proceeds will be donated to the SPCA to support animal rights and care
  • Engage with new Pitty owners to hear their feedback and how we can support
  • Work with our community to rescue our pitties from new paper owners
  • Reward our diamond owners with random legendary airdrops and giveaways
  • Keep the energy going and build value for your Pitty's with 20% of royalties being allocated to floor sweeps
  • Stage 6

  • Reward our owners with more random airdrops
  • Reward our owners with whitelists and free exclusive drops
  • Launch the DAO with Grape to reward our holders
  • Continue to grow our community with the launch of SolPittie Ladies, which will bring more rewards including the SolPitties breeding program to our owners
  • 25% of royalties will be used to fund the grape community
  • Solpittie Preview

    sneak peaks

    Excited to share some of our SolPitties ahead of launch. The collection is a fully 3D, ready for the metaverse and will evolve as technology does to remain relevant and vital.

    our team

    If you want to chat with our team, hit up the general chat in Discord.

    Team Member

    Big Dog

    Design & Development

    The dreamer that wants to do it all, but the real magic happens when you can pin him down in the design studio to bring it all to life.

    Team Member

    Pitty princess

    Operations and marketing

    Keeps everyone grounded and anchored to the plan. She brings corporate marketing, communication and management to the table keeping the dreamers moving forward and evaluating value for our owners.

    Team Member

    Macky Pitt

    Art direction

    Eagle eye for detail and the vision to take it to the next level. He has spent the last 10 years moving up the ranks with 2 large marketing firms from director to manager.

    Team Member

    Little Dog


    Brings a different prospective to the project, highlights new trends and technology that will bring new value.